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         Why do Sidney's customers STAY Sidney's customers?


We're proud to say that last year, 45% of our business came from customers who began their Sidney's relationship between 1981and 1999! 


Why do our customers keep coming back?  The key is the relationship.  We've been a fixture on the North Shore long enough to build strong relationships along with our outstanding reputation.  Simply put, we do an excellent job and we warranty the finished product.   


Most customers choose Sidney's for multiple services.  They appreciate our window washer's

attention to detail and call when the gutters need cleaning or the house needs painting.  All of our divisions are known for their quality work and for the Sidney's reputation.  We're the North Shore gold standard, well-known and well-respected throughout our service areas. 


We're proud of our reputation... we've earned it!











"A Good Neighbor for 35 years"

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