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Welcome to Sidney's Services

In 1980, Sidney's Services was founded with several principle goals in mind:


1.  To help customers maintain and enhance the beauty and value of their homes;

2.  To provide "one-stop shopping" when it comes to multiple home service projects;

3.  To provide services homeowners cannot do; do not want to do; or do not have the time to do;

4.  To be the "search engine of service," a resource where customers can go when they do not know whom to call.

After more than 40 years of providing assistance to thousands of customers along the North Shore and in Chicago, we are still as excited and eager to handle your needs as we were when we started.  We offer a vast array of services to meet the needs of every client, from minor home repairs to more comprehensive management services.  Let our trained, knowledgeable technicians solve your problems, inside or out.  Courteous and friendly, our staff understands your needs are pressing and your time is precious.


So, whether it needs to be cleaned, maintained, repaired, improved or moved, make the one call that does it all.


David F. Gorter aka "Sid"
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